Cloud Building Blocks

Lego BlocksAs an IT Architect, the way I understand complex topics is by breaking them down into simpler ones.  Think of the common Lego building block example.  Each IT function needed to build an IT solution is a building block.  Some architecture methods actually refer to Architecture and Solution Building Blocks.  The ways that you combine and layer those building blocks can be captured and depicted through Reference Architectures and Patterns.

Here is a picture depicting some common building blocks utilized as part of cloud computing.

Cloud building blocks - generalThe left side of the diagram focuses on technologies used in the building and running of applications.

The right side of the diagram focuses on technologies used in the deployment and operation of infrastructure and applications.

DevOps is an interesting area of IT focused on the integration of Application Development and Infrastructure Operations through common process and tooling to achieve continuous and agile deployment of solutions.  We’ll explore more on how to achieve this in upcoming posts.

In future posts we’ll explore technologies behind some of these building blocks and how to combine them through patterns and use cases into useful solutions.  Because there are many platforms and cloud hosting environments available for use today, I’ll show specific examples mapped to actual technology and providers.  For example Amazon Web Services as a common and leading edge cloud service provider.

Cloud builidng blocks - AWSLet’s break out those building blocks and get building!

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